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God gives us another chance

Opening Prayer


Luke 13:6-9

One day Jesus told the people this parable:

“A man went to check how much fruit was growing on a tree in his orchard, but he found that there was none. So he sent for his gardener and told him, ‘This tree has grown no fruit for the last three years. Cut it down and plant another tree in its place!’

“But the gardener said to him, ‘Master, give the tree one more year, so I can feed and care for it. Then if it still has no fruit on it, cut it down.’ “


The master of the house wanted to cut one of his trees down because it had grown no fruit for 3 years, and he wanted to plant another tree in its place. But the gardener asked his master to give the tree one more chance to prove itself.

  1. What was the gardener willing to do to help the tree to produce some fruit?

The gardener would feed the tree with manure and make sure it was well watered and cared for. The gardener was ready to do whatever he could to help the tree to grow some fruit and save it from being destroyed.

  1. What do you think the message of today’s parable is?

God is always ready to give us another chance to change and grow. Just as the gardener was ready to care for the tree and help the fruit grow, so Jesus will help us to be kind, loving, generous, and forgiving and able to bear the fruits of God’s life and love in us.

Closing Prayer

Dear Jesus,

Take my hand and show me the way.

Help me to get up when I fall and try again,

knowing you will always give me another chance.