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Opening Prayer

Lord God,

 I give you thanks, for you are good, and your mercy is endless. Here I stand, at the start of this holy week, This week in which your church remembers Jesus’ passion and death, And I am distracted by many things. Turn my eyes now to the One who comes in your name The one who opens the gates of righteousness The one who answers when we call. I bless you, Lord, for shining your light upon me, And for sending your son to us, in human frailty. To walk the road we walk. Open my eyes that I may see him coming, And may praise him with a pure heart. And may walk in the way of his suffering, And share also in his resurrection. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God for ever and ever. 




  1. Why did Jesus choose a donkey to ride on?

By Jesus choosing a donkey, he was showing the crowds that he was no soldier, but instead he came as a king of peace, riding on a meek and gentle donkey.

The crowds waved branches from the palm trees they found along the roadside to welcome this king, just as we might wave flags in a procession today. They shouted “ Hosanna, Hosanna!” which is a word used to praise God.

  1. Do you know why Jerusalem was so crowded at this time?

Many people had come to celebrate the Passover. This was a feast the Jews shared together each year to remember how God had saved them from slavery in Egypt.

Closing Prayer

Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace,

We pray that your peace will spread 

throughout our world today; 

and touch the lives of everyone.