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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s, mother figures and everyone in between. 

You are my sheep

Opening Prayer


Jesus said: “My sheep know my voice and they follow me, as I lead them to everlasting life. I know each one of them by name, and they can always trust me to protect them from harm.”




  1. If you have a pet (or know someone who does), what happens if you call their name?

Hopefully they come when you call them.

  1. What makes them come to you? 

They recognize their name and the sound of your voice. They know that you care for them, and they follow you because they trust in your love.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and anyone who follows him belongs to his flock. Jesus used the idea of a shepherd and his flock to make the people understand how he would guide and look after his people. He knows each one of us by name, and called us to follow him when we were christened or baptized into the family of God.

Closing Prayer

Psalm 23

The good shepherd takes care of all my needs;

He leads me to green meadows and crystal clear pools.

He guides and protects me, and I grow strong in his care.

When night falls, I am not afraid, for he is always by my side

to protect me from harm. 

When he calls, I will follow, knowing that his love for me 

will last forever.