First of All Thank you!

From Fr. Steven – Administrator of Spiritual Affairs, Dcn. Paul—Administrator of Temporal Affairs and our great Pastoral Team, we absolutely have to start this newsletter by saying a great big thank you to everyone. Make no mistake about it, these have been very difficult times, but you have been with us through it all. 

We simply would not have survived if not for those of you that continued to support the mission of our family of parishes with weekly, monthly or even periodic donations.   We are very thankful for your support.  While your continuing support kept us afloat over the course of the pandemic, donations have definitely fallen and consequently, putting our parishes under considerable financial stress. Fortunately, two of the three parishes had reserve funds to help with the shortfall while St. Angela continued to increase it’s debt burden month to month.  All in all, we are still here and happy to serve you. 

The Family Financial Council

Our Family Financial Council meets four times per year.  From an operational point of view, each meeting we are able to review a quarterly financial statement to determine whether or not we are on track financially. We also receive and consider reports on repairs and maintenance of the buildings and sites, and various other aspects of our finances.

The committee consists of two members appointed for each of the the three parishes in our family and one member from each of the two ecclesial communities. 

The current membership is as follows: 

Paul Maini (Chair)

Jeanne Langlois

Dominic Roma

Jim Kelly

Kwaku Fordjour

Alex Begin

Fr. Steven Huber

Kevin McQuaid Jr.

Dcn. Paul Bezaire

Zeljka Trepanier