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In this season of Thanksgiving how appropriate it is to give thanks for our Windsor Heritage Catholic Family of Parishes, the abundant blessings, gifts and graces within it, and the gift of our experience of the WHCFOP Festival on Sept 25th

The intent of the event was to “Share the Story” of our unique worshipping communities and to share our own story with one another.  Given lots of feedback, and observing God’s grace, we can say the goal was accomplished!  Many hearts, heads and hands went into making this event happen.  Thank you to all who participated in the Festival planning committee, all who gave of their time, talent, and treasures to serve in any capacity.  A special thank you goes out to those who helped make the festival financially viable through their donations of services, goods or money.  We thank Spago, the Great Canadian Superstore (Dougall), Pepsi, Frito-Lay, the Dennis O’Connor Council  of the K of C, the St. Pio da Pietrelcina Society, the Societa San Francesco Di Paola, and the Societa di San Giuseppe, the CWL’s of both Assumption and St. Angela, and the Filipino community for their help in the success of the Festival. 

The efforts and contributions of each community, each of the church organizations, the Filipino dancers, Carl Kearns, Lina Iarusso and her puppeteers showed the richness of our heritage and the many gifts among us.  Thanks also to Anna DiPonio and all who participated in the prayer walk to St. Alphonsus.  Above all, thanks be to God who brought us together in a liturgy that expressed beautifully in song and prayer how in our diversity and unique characteristics we can walk the road of discipleship together and make a difference for the mission of God in our corner of the world. 

With gratitude to all who prayed, worked and participated in the Festival, we join in thanksgiving to God for this moment of grace for the Windsor Heritage Catholic Family of Parishes.”