• Bishop Fabbro has extended the Dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass until at least the First Sunday of Advent.
  • We will continue to provide the Live Stream of Mass from Assumption Church Sunday at 11am for those who do not yet feel comfortable returning to worship at the Church.
  • Before departing for Mass, please check your temperature to ensure that you do not have a fever. Anyone with a temperature over 37.5C or 100F must not attend Mass.
  • We ask that everyone wear masks inside the church.
  • You should also use the washroom before travelling to Mass, as the Church washroom will be for extreme emergencies only.
  • We also ask that you do not bring extra items into the Church at this time, so as to limit the potential for the spread of disease.

Capacity and Seat Reservation:

  • Masses will be limited 30% capacity across the Diocese of London.
  • Because it is impossible to accommodate all our parishioners for Sunday Masses, we are asking parishioners to reserve their before each weekend. Reservations can be done at this link.

Mass Arrival Procedures:

  • Please ensure that you arrive at the Church early, to allow time for check-in and screening procedures.
  • From there, each household or individual will be greeted by an usher. The usher will direct you to sanitize your hands as you enter the building, and then will seat you. Please note that in an effort to promote physical distancing, you will be seated in the Church in a pre-determined pattern.

Mass Procedures:

  • Throughout Mass, please participate as you normally would, by speaking the responses, and standing, sitting, and kneeling as you normally would.
  • Please note that there will be no singing at this time, and all hymn books and missals have been removed from the pews.
  • Please keep your face mask on for the duration of Mass.
  • There is to be no physical contact between households at the the Sign of Peace or hand holding during the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Baskets will not be passed during the offertory. You will be able to place your weekly gift in a basket as you exit the church.

Communion Procedures:

  • Communicants are to come to the front of the line where there is marked a two-metre (six-foot) line away from the minister of Communion.
  • After the dialogue (The Body of Christ / Amen), step forward to receive the Host, taking it in your hand (the dominant hand placed under the other).
  • Then step to the side, into a green box, and remove your mask from behind one ear, consume the Host, replace the mask, and then return to your place in the pew, maintaining a six-foot walking distance with the person in front of you.
  • If you do not wish to receive Communion, cross your arms across your chest, and the Priest will give you a blessing.

Mass Departure Procedures:

  • You must follow the direction of the ushers when exiting the church in an orderly way, while maintaining physical distancing.
  • You can deposit your Sunday offertory in the basket at the exit.
  • You are asked to leave the church without spending social time with the priest or other parishioners at the door or in the parking lot.
  • The use of printed bulletins is suspended.