The Family Pastoral Council met via zoom on February 15, 2022. The main item on the agenda was to receive an update on the plans for the synodal process in our Family of Parishes. Anne Shore, the chair of the synod committee, gave a presentation to the council members about the work that has been done thus far, and explained the timeline for the listening sessions in our Family of Parishes. She also explained that the Family of Parishes will receive a report after the sessions were completed, that details the responses from our family listening sessions. The council expressed gratitude to Anne for her work.

The council also discussed the fact that the synodal process will provide us with an excellent source of information about the hopes of our Parishioners. The council felt that the information from the synod will be vital to the work of the Pastoral Council. As a result, the Council has decided to wait until the synodal process has concluded to develop a pastoral plan for our Family of Parishes.